Sunday, May 2, 2010

Superheros visit St. Mary's!!

At our last lab we learned that dressing up in costume really helps when teaching. Obviously were not going to do this all the time, but it helps in getting the kids engaged. For example, when we were playing tag, it ended up being chase the super heros around. The kids were sweating and we were sweating from running around so much, but they were faving fun and being active. I was in the Pre-K this week and you could even see a difference in the class room, all the kids were like batgirl come play with me or superman come color with me. So you had a bunch of kids trying to get your attention at one time. We didn't have alot of time in the gym, but the kids loved the obstacle course that dan set up! I feel like I have learned a lot from working at St. Mary's and I happy that they let us come back every year it's very nice of them!